BronX Workstation

₹ 30,978

The Work Stations are furniture pieces designed to comfortably and aesthetically provide a working surface and house or conceal office equipment including computers, cabling for office and home-office users.




94.5 L x 48 W x 28.5 H inches


This table can serve a much greater purpose than making your home look nice. We all know that having a dedicated work space in your home is essential in staying productive and organized. This pure white table is going to give you the ease and comfort of working in style. You can kick-back on this table as it is made from some of the toughest materials. It has six drawers which give you ample storage to put all your work-time essentials and your important files. So bring this table home and get ready to work in style!

I had in my heart to create furniture that are simples, beautiful, colorful & design